BillPost Lockbox streamlines the process of handling customer payments. Customer payments are mailed directly to a post office box. The payment documents are then processed and credited to your account on the day they are received.

BillPost provides both manual and automated (scannable remittance documents) payments solutions for clients. Additionally, we are able to assist clients in redesigning their documentation towards a scannable remittance format in order for them to transition from paper to electronic and realise further cost savings.

Our experienced staff and flexible systems will deliver a customised solution that integrates with your business. BillPost’s systems are transparent, enabling full accountability and traceability.

For more information on our LockBox service or a free consultation and audit of your business needs please contact us.


BillPost have implemented next generation I-IVR (Intelligent Interactive Voice Response) to make our contact centre capabilities state-of-the-art. This technology ensures that more customer service processes can be provided through customer self service via a totally natural customer interaction which is:

  • Fast and efficient for both customer and service provider.
  • A totally natural and easy process for the customer.

BillPost’s IVR service provides clients with the flexibility and efficiency of an automated, secure environment for their customers to make or trace payments on a 24/7 basis.

BillPost’s systems are SSL certified and security approved making it easier for your customers to make payments (all card information is sent in encrypted form via a closed server).

We can also receive and process customer payments via text message.

BillPost’s Telepayment services will provide your business with:

  • Lower costs per payment
  • Higher accuracy and speed – with same day deposits
  • Real-time integration with your existing data systems – (validates account numbers on both our IVR and Web interfaces)
  • Lower risk and investment in technology
  • Higher security – as well as easy access for you
  • More convenience – for your customers to make payments
  • Fast system design and implementation

For more information on our Telepayment services or a free consultation and audit of your business needs please contact us.

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